Tomato Pie

Well, here it is again!!! The recipe is pretty much the same, but there are reasons to bring it back. First, this way, it keeps coming up. Secondly, it's just so good, it's tough to post it too often. Thirdly, Nika's great looking tomatoes made me start jonesing for the last of this year's tomatoes. You've got to see them; they're gorgeous, as tomatoes go. I have one basic theory about tomatoes... Local, ripe tomatoes are a gift from God. He's basically saying, "Night's will get a bit cooler... Grab the salt and enjoy My best for you!" Ok, He doesn't tell me to grab the salt; I already know to do that. On the other hand, hot-house tomatoes, grown out of season and sold all year, are of the Devil, and no one can convince me otherwise! I can almost see Satan personally breathing a bit of evil into each of those plants that look so diabolically similar to the heavenly tomatoes of summer. Read More »

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