A social experiment

I've already asked some friends, fellow barbecuers and fellow bloggers to help me out with an experiment I have in mind, but I decided to open this up more. The experiment is simple to do and won't lead to any immoral or illegal acts in and of itself. The rules are simply to photograph every meal, and, yes, I mean every meal, for one week, starting October 1 and going through October 7, 2007. That's about it (but not quite). 245215679_f90bf4beca (photo by Don Andre, used here in accordance with Creative Commons licensing) I know some people don't have anything more than a cup of coffee or a Mountain Dew for breakfast; if that's the case, take a picture of it. I'm not going to plan my own meals around this, so you may see me showing a meal of which I'm less than proud to have eaten! Also, I don't care if the photos are great. Some people are traveling; a phone with a camera will work fine. I don't care if the meal is an Egg McMuffin or a six-course tasting menu... This is meant for fun, not "I eat better than you"! After the week is over, my wife will select a day (Oct 1-7) and a meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner). I'll post on here what the results are, and that's when the fun begins: * Send in the photo of that meal and only that meal. I may or may not retouch the photos if I think it will help show the meal better, though if you don't want me to retouch it, just say so. * If you aren't shy, send in a photo of yourself. It can be goofy or serious, just not lewd or it will be ignored. * Give me a description of the meal. This can be as simple as what you ate or as detailed as the circumstances around the meal. Whatever you want to share about that meal is just fine. The idea isn't to show off what you eat, just to show wh The email to which to send is cmcadams (at) buckymcoinkumsbbq (dot) com (I am being cryptic to avoid the aliens trying to strip out my email address to send me home refinancing offers). Depending on how many participate, I'll either show everything at once or split it up into several entries. Read More »

Biscuits and gravy

It's here!!! Autumn officially started today! After this summer, I'm ready for lower temps and cooler evenings. Bread baking filling up the kitchen with yeasty smells and apple pies cooling before being ready to eat are anticipated. Read More »

Jim Dandy’s BBQ Competition

Last weekend was the 2nd Annual Jim Dandy's BBQ Competition. It was the first year that it was KCBS sanctioned. We were originally slated to compete, but Mark was really under the weather, so we didn't. The competition got a great write up in the Cincinnati Enquirer (click on the photo below). Meggan Booker was the photographer there for the paper, and she waited patiently to get several judging shots; she took one of me feeding my face, but, fortunately, didn't use that one! Read More »

Autumnal food poll

Since Autumn starts on Friday, and last weekend was soooo cool and refreshing, I thought I'd try to get some idea of what types of autumnal foods everyone is anticipating. Read More »

Carnival of food photography – September 2007

Here we are at the September 2007 edition of the Carnival of Food Photography! The emphasis is on summer oriented foods, to celebrate the passing of the season. Next month will focus on fall foods, but let's spend a moment looking back at summer. Read More »

Current events – Mid September 2007

This week is really hectic for Bucky McOinkum's Barbecue. We started off the week with a barbecue class at Cooks' Wares in Springboro, OH. The class was a big success; it was full in less than a week after registration opened up for it. We had a full house, with some on a waiting list, too. Props to my peeps (Maria and the staff) at Cooks' Wares for all their help (like my 'urban' talk there... I'm so with it... Not!) We did a full competition menu of chicken, ribs, pork and brisket, with cole slaw, tomato pie and doughnut bread pudding added. The sauce for the bread pudding included some Maker's Mark whisky... Man oh man, was it good stuff! Read More »

Tomato Pie

Well, here it is again!!! The recipe is pretty much the same, but there are reasons to bring it back. First, this way, it keeps coming up. Secondly, it's just so good, it's tough to post it too often. Thirdly, Nika's great looking tomatoes made me start jonesing for the last of this year's tomatoes. You've got to see them; they're gorgeous, as tomatoes go. I have one basic theory about tomatoes... Local, ripe tomatoes are a gift from God. He's basically saying, "Night's will get a bit cooler... Grab the salt and enjoy My best for you!" Ok, He doesn't tell me to grab the salt; I already know to do that. On the other hand, hot-house tomatoes, grown out of season and sold all year, are of the Devil, and no one can convince me otherwise! I can almost see Satan personally breathing a bit of evil into each of those plants that look so diabolically similar to the heavenly tomatoes of summer. Read More »

Melancholy ribs

This is going to be a bit of an odd post for me. I'm really blue today, and, since this is my blog, I'm going to type what I want to type... I'll start with ribs, though, for those readers that want a bit of cooking today. On Labor Day, I tried some babyback ribs. I have to say that I still prefer spares, but these were worth a try. They looked good, but one rack was a bit tough... Sometimes, you just don't have good meat to start with, I think. The flavor was still there, though. I did the same basic stuff I usually do for ribs. Read More »

Making burnt ends

I didn't grow up in barbecue country. My earliest memories of barbecued ribs were from places like the Montgomery Inn, famous in Cincinnati for ribs. I don't go there at all anymore, as their ribs are steamed and sauce-drowned. People in Cincy swear by them, but I choose other ribs. Pulled pork was done in a crock pot, and chicken was grilled at best. Brisket was unknown to me in any form other than corned beef. Later, pastrami could be found in the area, but I had no clue what part of what animal this stuff came from. I take that back... I knew it wasn't pork because the best places to get either were Jewish delis. Read More »

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