Blog day, August 31, 2007

Today is the third Blog Day of 2007. In the spirit of Blog Day, I'm listing 5 non-food blogs that I like. Blog Day 2007 The first, inspired by yesterday's Scotch whisky entry, is The Scotch Blog, written by Kevin, a scotch enthusiast that lives in Virginia. The next is a great photo blog of Labrador Retrievers... Labster. Some funny photos of my favorite dogs can be found here! And one of my favorite non-food things... Buckeye Football!!! The Buckeye Blog is a great place for Buckeye football info. My wife and I are fans of the show "Scrubs" on NBC, going into its final (sadly) season. Zach Braff plays JD on the show, and has a fun blog. And my last blog link for Blog Day is for a hobby that I'm hoping to develop a bit... PhotographyBLOG. Take some time and visit the links... There's good stuff out there! Read More »

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