Scotch for barbecuers

The typical barbecue drink seems to be beer. I have nothing against beer. I like beer, in fact. I'm probably most partial to nut brown ales, especially English nut brown ales. I like microbrews, too, and I think it's great how good beers are easier to find today than they used to be (however, I think the day of the local microbrewery restaurant has mostly passed... It's too expensive for most places to stay open if they don't bottle and sell outside of a restaurant). The Accidental Hedonist recently asked about good Scotch whisky, which made me realize I don't think I've mentioned how well Scotch can go with barbecue. Scotch is a different level of drink. It's not something you drink as a beverage, to help wash down some brisket. Shiner Bock does that really well. Scotch is more something to have after barbecue. Sound odd to put scotch and barbecue together? I don't think it's odd at all. Read More »

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