Another class coming up

On September 10, 2007, Mark and I will be conducting another class at Cooks' Wares in Springboro, OH. This time, we aren't trying anything too fancy... Just straight barbecue! In May, there were timing issues for a grilling class, though I did hold a private grilling class that month. The newsletters got out late, and, I think, the menu wasn't what people necessarily wanted. So this time, we're going with real competition barbecue as a theme. We'll be doing pulled pork, brisket, beer can chicken, spare ribs, tomato pie, cole slaw and Krispy Kreme bread pudding with whisky sauce. The good news is that the class filled up in less than a week! The bad news is that some people are on a waiting list. If you're local and want to learn a bit about competition barbecue, get in touch with the store... We can try to talk them into another date! Read More »

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