Pitbeef is good

Last weekend was our 7th competition, if I'm counting right... Carmel 2005, Madison 2005, Carmel 2006, Grand Rapids 2006, Nelsonville 2006, Fairbanks 2007, Dayton 2007... Yep, 7th! I'll post results later, but we did just fine. It was a non-sanctioned competition, and the judges were all new, non-certified judges. I didn't expect the scores to be very consistent, but the competition was really well done for a first year comp, and we can't wait until next year when it's sanctioned! Read More »

Going to catch up!

I've not been keeping up on my blogging lately. The main reason has been my computer. We had a Dell laptop that was over 4 years old that has finally decided to not work for us. Read More »

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