Readers, give me some help!

IPodcast need some feedback, please! First, I don't know if it's gauche to say it or not, but I really do appreciate those of you that read my blog. I don't do it just for myself; I try to have some decent information now and then. Sometimes I just pass on stuff, sometimes I try to give others ideas, etc. Read More »

Events can be fun!

A few weeks ago, someone approached me to help vend at an event called "Woodsticks and Strings". It's an event that brings together bands from the Dayton/Cincy area and bands from Nashville for 2 days of music. The event was last weekend, and the intent was to raise money for PanCan, which does pancreatic cancer research. The event took place at a neighbor's house. They have a great pond and a Boathouse that really is great. Lots of room, and good access. Read More »

9 tips for cooking outdoors

Everyone seems to have their lists of advice, so I figured, now that we're well into the peak of grilling season, to add mine! So, with no further adieu, here is Bucky McOinkum's 9 Tips For Cooking Outdoor Read More »

Kind of a competition movie

With this new MacBook Pro, I got some software that takes photos and lets me put them into a sort of photo movie. Here's my first attempt, from the 2006 Blues-B-Q competition in Carmel, IN... Read More »

Pitbeef is good

Last weekend was our 7th competition, if I'm counting right... Carmel 2005, Madison 2005, Carmel 2006, Grand Rapids 2006, Nelsonville 2006, Fairbanks 2007, Dayton 2007... Yep, 7th! I'll post results later, but we did just fine. It was a non-sanctioned competition, and the judges were all new, non-certified judges. I didn't expect the scores to be very consistent, but the competition was really well done for a first year comp, and we can't wait until next year when it's sanctioned! Read More »

Going to catch up!

I've not been keeping up on my blogging lately. The main reason has been my computer. We had a Dell laptop that was over 4 years old that has finally decided to not work for us. Read More »

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