3 weeks until Dayton’s competition!

It's just three more weeks until the first KCBS-like barbecue competition takes place in Dayton, Ohio! The competition is called the Ohio Open Barbecue Cook-Off, and information can be found at www.rollingsmoke.com. It's being put on by Jim Weaver of Jimmy's Hog Pen and Jim Ferguson of Rolling Smoke Barbecue, both local competitors to the Dayton Area.The location is at the American Legion in Kettering. Entry fee is low this year, $100. Read More »

New thoughts on competition prep

The conventional wisdom on getting ready for a competition includes practice cooks. For new teams, this also usually includes advice on setting up at home to do a cook, but acting as though you're off site. This helps a team figure out if they have the right equipment or not. I've been thinking about this lately, and while that works, it leads to a different problem then not having what's needed... Problem #2: Having too much stuff!!! While this may not sound like a problem, try prepping and cooking 60 pounds or so of meat under a canopy with nothing but coolers and bins of supplies. When you have too much, you just have to wade through all the extra stuff to get to what you need! Read More »

Carnival of food photography, June 12, 2007

Welcome to the June 12, 2007 edition of Carnival of Food Photography! Remember, the focus is on the photo! I got a lot more entries this time... Thanks to all that submitted. I think I've got all of the entries represented except one, which was in a forum, not a blog... I apologize, but the Carnival is for blogs! Read More »

Cheesecake from heaven!

Back in April, my wife and I went on a quick trip to NYC, and I happened to have photographed about every piece of food that I ate! One place we found we loved on a previous trip was Carnegie Deli in Times Square. Not only do they have great pastrami sandwiches, but they also have incredible cheesecake. In fact, I have half of one in my freezer right now, a gift from my sister, Heather. Read More »

Q for the kids 2007

Our first competition of the season is over! It was both a disappointment and a success. It was a disappointment because we made 2 big blunders... First, we didn't test the sauce we used for chicken, and it was too thick, resulting in low scores for oversaucing. Second, I didn't get the ribs done enough, resulting in low scores for tenderness/texture. I think those scores also lead to lower taste scores. Read More »

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