Our first cooking class!

Earlier this year, a local kitchen store contacted me about the possibility of doing a cooking class on barbecue.  There are a couple of stores in the group, called Cook’s Wares, in Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio.  Of course, always looking for ways to promote barbecue and outdoor cooking, I said I’d love to do it.

Well, it’s official now!  Their course catalog came out for the fall, and we’re in it!

Class_2The class is not going to be anything like Music City Pig Pals’ or Dr. BBQ’s classes, geared toward competition cooking.  Those are long classes that cost a couple hundred bucks to attend.  I’m planning on attending a class like that, but not giving a class like that… Yet!

No, this class is going to be geared toward tailgating.  We’ll fix dishes on a menu of about 6 items, showing how to make them and letting the class sample finished versions. 

I’m going on record now to state that there is a mistake in the write up; we did NOT take 5th place in Grand Rapids.  We took 5th in Brisket, 14th overall.  It was an honest mistake, not meant to mislead anyone.

With the Buckeyes starting off at the #1 spot in polls, the tailgating theme will be obvious… But it would have been the Buckeyes anyway!  GO BUCKS!!!  Hopefully, we’ll be able to set up the smoker and an EZ Up outside to show what a competition looks like.  We’ll add an Ohio State flag and other tailgating decorations.  We’ll also show the cooker, and hopefully have a Traeger on loan from a local store to show how those work, too.  At that point, we’ll talk some about competitions and what goes on in one. 

After showing off our gear, we’ll go inside and start on the food.  We plan to have samples of brisket, too, just because it’s so good, but we’ll be showing them how to prepare pulled pork, St. Louis Ribs (I’ll do a trimming demo), barbecued beans, a simple but good cole slaw, fatties and armadillo eggs and ABT’s.  I’m not going to tell them what ABT stands for, but they’ll like them anyway!

My time spent watching food shows will pay off here.  Most of these things take longer than the time we have to cook, so we’ll do swap outs after showing how to make all the dishes.  I’m thinking that the ABTs we’ll do ‘live’, and go out to the smoker to bring them back in.  We’ll talk about technique, fire control, gear and wood choices, and maybe even spend some time on smoker types.

I can’t wait; it’s only about 5 1/2 weeks away, and it will be a BLAST!

About Curt McAdams

I guess I'm a bit of a foodie, learning to cook from my mom, then getting obsessed with outdoor cooking, competition barbecue, bread baking and just about all things food. Lately, I've been trying to upgrade my photography skills a bit, though I still have a long way to go.


  1. Curt,

    Man I wish I could be there. Unfortunately bills dictate I have to work and work dictates I have to be in the God forsaken Hawkeye state that week. I will be there in heart and mind. After all Buckeyes and BBQ what could be better. I sure it will be a great learning experience.


  2. One more thing I would like to see the looks on people faces as they try to figure out what ABT stands for.


  3. Todd, I’m not going to tell them what ABT stands for! :) Maybe Atomic Buffalo Torpedo?

  4. Great job Curt!

    I’m sure everyone there will learn a lot because you are a great cook with some great ideas.

    Much success!


  5. Neil, seems like we’re forming a mutual admiration society! :) I hope it’s fun for everyone. I ran into someone at a local bbq joint called City BBQ, and found out he has started cooking with added wood smoke on his Weber. I gave him a card and told him about the class… I hope to get beginners and interested parties there and help get them more interested by showing that it’s not that hard to do, and it’s something you can try new things with, not just the ‘standards’.

  6. Sounds great! Wish I could attend the class :-)

  7. Nicole, I can’t wait for the class… It’s going to be a blast. My ABT entry was a trial for what I want to do for the class, though I think I’m going to add one more type… fresno peppers with blackberry preserves and brie, with a bit of fresh mint.

    The rest is pretty straightforward, though.

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